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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic we made sure our Preschool environment is as safe as possible. Constantly checking the latest government advice and reviewing health and safety. Though things have eased and we are in the "new normal", making sure our environment is safe is still a high priority.  Check below for the current response from our preschool:

- Numbers are currently limited to no more than 18 children per session.

- We ask that parents are mindful of the IPH measures of "hands, face, space, fresh air".

- We are still limiting parents access to the inside of the building. Children will enter and exit the building individually with staff.

- Children must wash their hands on entering Preschool and before they leave at the end of the day.

- Children regularly wash hands thoroughly at set intervals throughout the day. 

- All surfaces that are touched are cleaned regularly throughout the day.

- Indoor space is well ventilated with open windows/doors (weather permitting) 

- Children are encouraged not to touch their mouths/eyes and to use tissues if needed.

- Children must come into preschool with fresh clothes each day. 

- Children must bring lunch in a hard, wipe-able container with no drinks bottles. (Drinks will be provided)

- Outdoor activities are planned daily. 

Throughout the pandemic the Preschool kept abreast of changes through the use of a "live" action plan together with an Outbreak Management Plan (OMP), as advised by DfE.  Both were reviewed regularly.  In addition, the Preschool has a Business Continuity Plan which is updated annually and covers certain scenarios which could impact on the operation of the setting.  Rest assured that our aim is to continue to remain open where it is deemed safe to do so.

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