We are always looking for volunteers who can offer 30+ minutes of their time a week to inspire our little ones.  Are you artistic or have a passion for gardening?  Would you like to do some craft/art things with our children or help them grow plants from seeds?  Do you have a hobbie which you could bring to the Pre-school and show the children?  Or simply do you have time to read a story or two to them?  If so please get in touch with us on 01453 297493 or email northnibleypreschool@hotmail.co.uk or just simply pop in.   Please see our policy No 34 on Managing volunteers.


Bank Staff 

If you are interested  in part time work  and have a childcare qualification (ideally level 2 or equivalent), then call us on 01453 297493 or email us on northnibleypreschool@hotmail.co.uk.